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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Put-Outs

John Shafer- Vocals, Guitar
Tim Conder- Bass, Backing Vocals
Rodney Cash- Drums

Hometown- Baltimore

From roughly 1994 through 1998, I tagged along as soundman for Raleigh band Boy Wonder Jinx (they'll be appearing here at some point). They shared bills with a lot of bands, the vast majority of whom totally sucked. There was a point early on when it seemed as if they couldn't play a show without being paired with a hippie jam band. I can only think of two occasions where they were matched (Scrawl and Earwig), and one where they were bested- The Put-Outs.

I have to admit to something of a bias- The Replacements were one of my favorite bands ever, and The Put-Outs emit a strong Hootennany/Let It Be vibe. Having Tommy Stinson produce your record doesn't discourage the comparison. John Shafer even looks like a young Paul Westerberg, and has the same rough, world-weary quality to his voice. The Put-Outs go beyond mere imitation though- Shafer's songs evoke the perfect balance of emotional complexity and balls-out rock that made the best 'Mats stuff so great.

The one and only time I saw them was in 1997, but a few years later I saw "Sing The Hits" in a cutout bin, and I figured it was worth risking $6 that it was the same band. There were reports The Put-Outs were recording a new album in 2003 with Don Coffey producing, but I can't find anything about it, except for a work-in-progress song posted at the Superdrag website.

Off Key.mp3

Longbranch Fadeaway.mp3

Loyal To Mistakes.mp3

From "The Put-Outs Sing The Hits", 1999 JOE records


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